"This is blackened doom at its very finest. Both bands offer their own individual take on blackened doom with Nachtterror arguably veering more strongly to the blackened side of things whilst Altars of Grief offer up a more symphonic, elegant take on doom with blackened elements. Both bands, however, are masters at their craft and neither one exceeds the other in terms of ability or depth of composition. Most importantly both bands complement the other, and there is a heavy atmosphere that hangs over this split release that is successfully conjured and maintained by both bands. Whether you opt for the limited, gorgeous 10” vinyl or the digital download, this is a remarkable testament to the skill and ability that exists in the underground extreme metal scene today and it is essential listening."


"Of Ash and Dying Light" is a 10" split release featuring Altars of Grief and Blackened Doom act Nachtterror. The album is features 2 new tracks by Altars of Grief as well as a download only cover song as well 2 new tracks by Nachtterror as well as 2 download only additional tracks.

Track Listing: Side A (Nachtterror):

1. Breath of the World Ablaze
2. Upon Ashen Shores
3. Fall of the Sabbath [Download/CD Only]
4. Belial [Download/CD Only]

Side B  (Altars of Grief):

1. In Dying Light
2. Your Heaven
3. Room of Angel (Silent Hill 4: The Room cover) [Download/CD Only]